“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”   
                             —    Senator Daniel K. Inouye (1987)

A Call for Action

(submitted to Targeted Justice for publishing)


Rationale for the Grievances

A large number of American citizens and legal residents find themselves isolated and disenfranchised of their human rights because their government fails to protect them. Victims of two relatively new types of crimes that emerged in the last half of the 20th century, those Americans suffer the effects of (1) organized overt harassment and (2) electronic assault committed by remote on them by unseen attackers using unseen and unknown weaponry. 

Both crimes involve stalking the victim, both crimes are carried out 24/7, both crimes leave little or no evidence, both crimes use elements of psychological warfare, both crimes suggest elements of non-consensual experimentation, both crimes constitute classic torture, and both crimes seek to make the victims look paranoid. The latter characteristic is very important, for unable to produce evidence of their assault and identify their attackers, the victims’ credibility is challenged. The attackers know that the claims of their victims are not believable, which allows them to pursue their assault with complete impunity. 

Many victims have appealed to the FBI to investigate their complaints. Although that top law enforcement agency has the personnel to investigate such crimes as stolen sports memorabilia (the O. J. Simpson case), it seemingly has neither the desire nor the manpower to look into our far more serious complaints. Victims are convinced that the FBI fully knows about their assault yet willfully makes no effort to curb it.

Likewise, state and local law enforcement not only refuse to investigate victims’ complaints but also ridicule the victims and often force them to submit to “psychiatric evaluations.” With all law enforcement—national, state, and local—unwilling to investigate their complaints, victims are left easy prey for the attackers. 
Victims of crimes are not legally required to name their assailants or even to identify the weapon used in the attacks. It is the job of law enforcement to take the statements of victims and then investigate their complaints. Yet, when victims report crimes involving organized harassment and electronic assault conducted by remote, law enforcement pays no heed to their claims. Victims are invariably considered psychotic. It seems accurate to say, then, that although it is generally held that “no one is above the law,” many victims of crime somehow find themselves far underneath the intent of the law.

Without any protection, the victims live in obscurity. Dozens of victims of organized on-site harassment and attack by remote devices have committed suicide, unable to endure perpetually the constant torture. Others find themselves isolated because of their conditions, living in fear of the next day of torture. Still others manage to go on with their lives, but those lives are a façade underneath which they are tormented day and night.

All three branches of government are complicit in the violation of victims’ human rights:Law enforcement, which falls under the executive branch, ridicules the complainants, refuses to investigate their complaints, and often forces them to submit to humiliating “psychiatric evaluations.” The self-serving legislative branch consistently neglects to pass laws at the requests of victims against that type of new-age, apparently highly classified assault. The judicial branch often declares the complainants mentally disturbed and, using the Baker Act and other similar mental competency laws, causes the victims to be committed to psychiatric facilities.

When recently US diplomatic personnel in Cuba and China complained about several of the very same effects that the American victims receive, nobody believed that they were imagining those symptoms. Yet, when American citizens in the United States make the same complaints, they are automatically deemed crazy. Moreover, Canadian diplomats in Cuba also experienced the same symptoms as the Americans. Eighteen of the diplomats are today suing the Canadian government for failure to protect them. 

Most US psychiatrists and others in the medical field perpetuate the belief that targets are crazy. It should be pointed out that psychiatrists are totally unqualified to treat effects that are not natural but are instead induced. However, for them to admit that threatens the legitimacy of their profession. In addition, the mainstream US media scoffs at crimes concerning organized stalking and remote-delivered electronic assault and, without further investigating, portray victims as mentally disturbed. 

Because the government shows no willingness to admit the existence of those crimes and fails to protect the citizenry from them, it essentially aids and abets the attackers in committing unconscionable crimes against humanity. The following grievances addressthe crimes, the victims, and the government that shirks its responsibility to protect the citizenry.  

Targeting Explained

If someone or some organization believes that you pose a threat to them or if they believe that you may be of financial benefit to them in some manner and they have the capability to single you out and focus on you, you become targeted. The attackers are sometimes referred to as the perpetrators, their actions against you are called targeting, and the victims are known as targeted individuals (TIs), or simply targets.

Targeting is a relatively new type of criminality that developed in the last half of the last century. Although targeting may sound like a plot in a Class B science fiction movie, victims know that it is very real. Logic dictates that if scientists are able to hurl satellites into the stratosphere and send space ships to the moon, they can also easily design devices and methods to strike human targets by remote. The capability of attacking humans by remote does not strain the imagination when considering that attackers can project voices to the targets and, yes, even read their thoughts.

Targeting takes several forms: (1) On-site, organized overt harassment. This form includes vandalism of property, surreptitious entries into domiciles, spreading neighborhood rumors, workplace gossip and character assassination, vehicular interference when targets drive, street theatre, tampering with phones, mail, and computers, and other acts designed to bother the victim. (2) Remote-driven physical and neurological assault, including the use of various chemicals either sprayed or introduced into food and the water system. Remote simply means that the targeting requires no device that is attached to or that touches the body but is instead conducted from afar. The distance of remote targeting varies from probably a few yards to hundreds or thousands of miles. (3) A combination of the two forms.

In the case of organized overt harassment, the perpetrators are often plainly seen. However, the attackers by remote on the other hand are never seen and their locations are unknown. These grievances pay particular attention to the remote-delivered attacks, which operate by stealth and debilitate victims both physically and psychologically.

Victims of Targeting

The number of targets in the United States is variously estimated to include several millions of American citizens and residents. Targets receive the targeting effects wherever they are, whether 35,000’ in elevation in airplanes, in buildings, on mountainsides, in the forest, and whether they are in the United States or abroad. Many targets relocate to escape the targeting effects; yet, the harassment follows them wherever they go.

Victims of targeting represent every conceivable element of the entire American population. They include both genders and all ages from very young children to the very elderly. They also include all races, ethnicities, levels of education, professions and occupations, religions, life philosophies, states of health, political leanings, sexual preferences, economic statuses, social strata, and life styles. Many of the victims are veterans, disabled, and children. 

Targets range from the barely literate to the MDs and PhDs, from the atheistic or agnostic to the piously religious, from the indigent to the wealthy, from the apolitical to the political activists, from the disabled to the very healthiest, and from single people of various life styles to the family-focused patriarchs and matriarchs. In other words, targets make up a profile of the American population. The only commonality among targets is their vast diversity.

Known terrorists are granted far more rights than targets, for terrorists at least are charged with a crime, provided a trial, and judged by a jury of peers. Targets are afforded no such right. No target has ever been processed by the FISA Court. No target has ever been placed on the no-fly list. Yet, targets are singled out, judged, and condemned by the attackers to merciless torture very probably with the knowledge of entities within the United States Government.

The attackers rely on several factors that give them a distinct advantage: (1) That targets will not complain openly for fear that people will doubt their sanity. (2) That if targets do complain publicly, they will indeed appear crazy. (3) That there is no unity among targets because of their scattered locations and the differences in their forms of assault. (4) That the public, most of whom are hardworking, decent people, will not believe that such evil as targeting could possibly exist in the United States of America. (5) That law enforcement will never investigate their claims. That clever calculation on the part of the attackers marginalizes a large but far flung group of Americans.

The intelligence community, including the CIA, and law enforcement in general, including the FBI, must necessarily know about organized overt harassment and remote electronic attacks. How could they not know? It is the responsibility of the Secret Service and other law enforcement to protect the nation’s leadership from those very crimes. That leads one to conclude that a small number of privileged individuals are protected while the remainder of the American population is left to the possibility of falling victim to those criminal acts.

The social consequences of targeting are enormous as Americans become (1) physically and mentally debilitated by the effects of targeting, (2) driven to bankruptcy in attempting to find means to escape the torture, (3) imprisoned or committed to psychiatric facilities because of their conditions, (4) bereft of any quality of life under the circumstances, (5) numbers on unemployment and disability rolls, and (6) displaced from the work force.

Capabilities of the Attackers

Modern space-age technology allows attackers to locate and fix upon victims with pinpoint accuracy. After focusing on the target, the attackers individualize the assault program to tailor the targeting effects to the particular victim. An examination of the following physical and neurological effects of targeting will show that all of those effects probably affect the victims psychologically. They also suggest an element of experimentation whether the form of attack is organized overt harassment, remote-delivered physical and neurological effects, or a combination of both forms of assault.

The effects of targeting clearly show that the effects suffered by targets, whether from organized overt harassment or from remote-delivered physical and neurological attacks, meet the definition of torture in its most classical sense. Moreover, once a victim is targeted, he is subjected to continual torture for the remainder of his life, causing targets often to remark “once targeted, always targeted.” 

It is important to note that although most of the symptoms of targeting can occur naturally in most people, in the case of targeting, those same symptoms are instead imposed upon or induced in the target by remote. Here are some of those effects gathered over time as the result of complaints from hundreds of targets. There are probably other effects not found on the list.

The Physical Effects

— ​sensation of pin pricks in the eyes, shoulders, face, feet, elbows, and other areas. 
— ​intense pressure on the bridge of the nose. 
— ​restless legs. A sensation begins in the small of the back and extends into the extremities, causing the “restless legs” syndrome. Sometimes when that happens, the legs will jerk involuntarily.
–​hunger pains in the stomach, even when the target should not be hungry.
— ​electrical-like jolts. These affect the entire body and feel much like the shock that ​one gets from touching a low voltage electrical fence. 
–​tremors, or vibrations. These can affect the whole body or be focused on specific ​parts of the body. They can range from very mild to violent. 
— ​zapping in/on the head. These sound much like sparks from a welder’s torch or like children’s sparklers used as fireworks on holidays.
–​a “heaviness” in the chest that makes one feel always tired.
–​clicking in the ears. 
—   strokes.
— ​severe cramping, mainly in the calves of the legs.
–​numbness in the limbs from the base of the spinal column to the toes.
— ​unnatural coughing and sneezing.
—   extreme gastric problems, leading to irritation of the stomach lining and infections in the esophagus and the duodenum. 
— ​stomach aches and pains, indigestion, nausea, and dizziness.
–​gas on the stomach and in the intestines.
— ​drop dead lethargy and listlessness, much like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).
–​constant tinnitus. 
— ​inability to urinate or frequent urination. 
— ​chronic constipation. 
— ​sleep deprivation.
—   “faux” heart attacks.
— ​the sensation of crawling insects on the face and neck. 
–​intense itching. Although normally on the hands and feet, this can occur on any ​place on the body. 
—   twitching of the fingers. 
–​partial loss of sight. 
—   partial deafness.
–​destabilization of hand-to-eye coordination, causing targets to strike their hands against objects, misstep, bump against objects, stumble, and misjudge their distances. 
–​inability to open one eye or the other in the morning upon waking. 
—  ​twitching eye lids.
–​throbbing in the head.​
–​aches and pains in various parts of the body. 
–​unnatural salivation.
–​conversely, dry mouth. 
—  ​tingling vibration focused on areas of the face, apparently often causing basal cell ​cancer.
—  ​involuntary physical movements, e.g., flailing of the arms. 
—  ​heart flutters and irregular palpitations. 
–​extreme sensitivity to light. 
–​unexplained sores in various areas. 
— ​high and sudden temperature rises in the body. 
–​“stopped-up” hearing canals. 
–​intense itching on the scalp. This is sometimes preceded or followed by pin pricks on the scalp.
—   constrictions and hurting in the esophagus.
–​“faux” heart beat that occurs on the back opposite the heart or on the head.
—   electrical-like buzz in the groin and on hips. 
— ​artificial heating of the body. 
–​acute pain on hands and feet. In the latter, attackers often concentrate on the callused part of the sole, usually the part near the smallest toe.
—    numbness and rigidness of feet, including the toes, similar to neuropathy. 
—   unnatural plucking of the lips, similar to smacking. 
–​nasal drip. 
—   misshaping of the genitals.
—   forced orgasms.
—   tingling in calves of legs.
—   unnatural pulsing of the calves of the legs.
—   nausea from what appears to be the use of chemicals. This is a relatively recent  
    effect that comes from chemicals sprayed into the air surrounding targets and 
    introduced into foods and water.

The Neurological Effects

Neurological, or psychological, effects are difficult to classify. Some of them may be considered effects and others, methods. In some cases, whether they are physical symptoms or neurological symptoms may even be debated. The neurological effects can only logically be achieved through contact with the brain. 

The brain tampering capability is important in studying the methods used with the delivery systems. Many components of the brain can apparently be tweaked by remote to cause negative responses. We must also remember that most naturally occurring ailments can also be induced by the attackers by tampering with the brain.

—  Hear and record one’s conversations along with those with whom one talks. 
—  Record a person’s voice and then later simulate that same voice. 
—  See through the victim’s eyes what the victim sees. 
—  View the interior of the target’s body and zoom in on any part or organ of the body, ​even in the darkness. 
—  Induce dreams, stage scenarios, and engage in subliminal (telepathic) interrogations. 
—  Inject holographic pictures or images into a victim’s thoughts. 
—  Implant false memories in victims. 
—  Discredit the target by causing him to react in strange ways to the targeting, which in ​ ​ turn makes him appear insane or demented. 
— ​ Monitor and manipulate the target’s emotions. 
—  Receive a victim’s thoughts. 
—  Transmit voices into the brain/head that only the victim can hear. 

The Perpetrators

Based on complaints made by hundreds of targets over the years, there appear to be three basic reasons for targeting. 

(1) Revenge/punishment. Somewhere along life’s pathway, targets have perhaps done or said something that their attackers viewed as a threat or an offense. The targets could have been political activists or dissidents, government and industrial whistleblowers, environmentalists, those who trampled over the toes of powerful people, or even a hostile party in a divorce suit.  

(2) Gain/pay off. In some cases, it appears that attackers expect to receive some type of financial reward for their actions in cases involving inheritances, inventions, and other valuable property through outright theft, extortion, blackmail, and other forms of dishonesty. This purpose is probably not very common. 

(3) Experimentation. That seemingly no commonality links the victims of targeting strongly suggests that they serve as guinea pigs for experimentation. Various research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities and universities, probably security firms, and military neurological warfare research centers require human guinea pigs rather than animals to test various inventions, methods, and ideas. The tests are both physiological and neurological, and they must be conducted on every conceivable component of the population for the results to be considered successful. 

Over the several decades, it appears that an increasing number of attackers with their various agendas have gained access to the devices and methods used for remote-delivered electronic assault. Why do we believe that? In some cases, for example, the attackers attempt to convert targets to Christianity whereas in other cases targets seem to be targeted because they are Christians. 

In addition, some attackers make it clear that persons are being targeted because they are politically left leaning, while other attackers imply that the reason is because targets are politically conservative. Notwithstanding the accurate number of groups of attackers, we can be certain that today the attackers do not represent only one particular group with a single agenda but several groups with their own agendas.

Targeting Equals Torture

Few people would doubt that the targeting effects seen above constitute tortureregardless of the form of targeting or the reason behind it. Outright torture and non-consensual human experimentation were condemned during the Nuremburg trials held right after World War Two. At those trials, the Allies, led largely by the Americans, tried, convicted, and hanged and imprisoned German leaders for their roles in human torture, human experimentation, and other crimes. 
Ironically, at the very time the Nuremberg trials were being conducted, largely by American prosecutors, Americans were carrying out secret medical experiments on non-consenting Guatemalans. President Clinton later apologized to the Guatemalans during his tenure in office.

Since the promulgation of the Nuremberg Code, additional international acts have condemned non-consensual experimentation and torture: the Geneva Conventions and Accords, including the Convention against Torture, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Statute of the International Criminal Court, and others. The UN resolution against torture makes it abundantly clear that assault against the human mind, or neurological warfare, is also torture. 

Torture in the USA is particularly disturbing in that the United States of America touts itself as the Great Defender of Universal Human Rights. The official stance by the US Government on human rights is duplicitous and proves that the USA simply uses human rights as a political and diplomatic tool. The US can no longer justifiably criticize other countries for their human rights violations.  

The hypocrisy of the U.S. Government is readily seen in the passage of the Torture Victims Relief Act of 1998 (the TVRA), which provides funds to rehabilitate foreigners now living in the United States who had undergone torture in their native countries. Yet, American targets who have been tortured for many years on American soil receive absolutely no attention or recognition from the government. Most targets have received a virtual death sentence, as they must endure the torture for as long as they live. 


A large group of Americans has endured a half century of inhuman, mainly clandestine attacks without receiving any hint of relief from those attacks. In as much as the Government of the United States of America under whose laws we live has knowingly and continually failed to protect us, we, targets of oppression consisting of remote-delivered physical and neurological assault and endless overt harassment, do address the leadership of this country with the following grievances.

By far the most targets are ordinary law abiding and taxpaying citizens who love their country. However, although not charged with any crimes and convicted of them, targets have been criminalized by the current system. That system must change. We give notice through these grievances that failure to address our concerns will result in total defiance of the government and all that it stands for on our part. 

Our forefathers said it best in the Declaration of Independence when they stated “. . . that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government . . . .” Should our grievances go unheard, as a last resort, we targets can be expected to engage in civil disobedience, unless our demands are met.

Many targets are elderly. Many targets are isolated, having lost friends and having been estranged from family members due to their targeting. Many very capable and talented targets are unable to work and are thus unemployed. Many targets are wasting away, ill and debilitated as a result of the continual torture. Many targets are single and alone. Many targets are penniless, having spent thousands on shielding methods and other means of defense from the torture. Other targets are homeless owing to their conditions. Thus, we have little or nothing to lose.

These grievances are not intended to make any type of political statement that favors or condemns any political party or affiliation with a political party. They are not aimed at the current administration of the Federal Government for victims have endured the torture under several other preceding presidents and Congresses. That suggests that targeting is a feature of the “Deep State,” which operates within the Federal Government with continuity through the various administrations.

Having stated the foregoing, we present our several grievances to the higher authorities and to every conscientious citizen of this land.

Grievance Number 1

Authorities of the government on every level have never admitted the existence of remote-delivered physical and neurological effects used on humans despite proof found in patents and successful demonstrations of those patents.

Grievance Number 2  

We have suffered, largely in silence, the indignities of cruel overt harassment in every manner and of torturous physical and neurological symptoms delivered by remote devices and methods that are undoubtedly known to members of the government, particularly the CIA and the FBI. 

Grievance Number 3

Our complaints have been ignored by all entities of the three branches of government on every level—local, state, and national. Letters of complaint to elected officials usually go unanswered. If answered, the replies are nothing more than acknowledgement of receipt of the messages. 

Grievance Number 4

We complainants, because of the torture inflicted upon us, have been portrayed by the government and the controlled national media as psychotic, or mentally disturbed.

Grievance Number 5

The government on every level has consistently refused to attempt to investigate the identity of our attackers. Even more, we have often been held up to ridicule by those same authorities for complaining against the attacks.

Grievance Number 6

Because of the continual torture, the lives of the victims of organized overt harassment and electronic attacks carried out by remote have been rendered virtually meaningless. 

Grievance Number 7

Relatives, many of them children and disabled, often are targeted along with the principal target. Their lives are doubtlessly considered only collateral damage by the attackers.

Grievance Number 8

We victims are loyal and taxpaying citizens of this country, and we see the stability of the government and the future of this country threatened by the continuation of this injustice. The “Deep State” within the state presents a danger to democracy itself.

Grievance Number 9

The attacks suffered by victims are not only sustained but are also proliferating in scope and intensity. By far the most targets date their targeting from 2005 onward.

Grievance Number 10

Should the government be involved in the attacks, whether experimental or otherwise, the criminals committing the attacks are hiding behind the so-called Patriot Act.

Grievance Number 11

Congress arrogantly defies the cries of the victims in refusing to pass legislation to make such remote-delivered, space age, highly classified attacks on victims illegal and to proscribe punishment for those acts.

Grievance Number 12

No statistics are kept by law enforcement concerning the number of complaints about remote-delivered physical and neurological attacks. Targets feel that this is a refusal to admit that remote-delivered attacks occur and is thus a cover-up.


We have laid out twelve grievances concerning our human rights. Any such grievances call for redress. Here is what we targets want from the United States Government. In spelling out our expectations, we are making demands, not requests.

Number 1

Public acknowledgement that organized overt harassment is being systematically carried out all over this nation and that sophisticated weaponry exists that is being used by remote on American citizens and residents on American soil.

Number 2

Public acknowledgement that entities outside of and within the government have used targets for involuntary experimentation for the last several decades.

Number 3

A public apology by the president for decades of probably willful neglect on the part of the government in failing to protect the citizens from organized stalking and remote electronic attacks.

Number 4

A commitment by the national government to seek out the attackers and bring them to justice.

Number 5

Public assurance by the highest authority in the land that never again will citizens and legal residents of this country be left unprotected from organized overt harassment and remote electronic weaponry.


This narrative has laid out twelve grievances relating to organized overt harassment and the deployment of space-age, remote-operated weaponry against Americans on American soil. It pointedly blames the government of the United States of America for failing to protect its citizens against such acts. Further, it demands from the highest authorities an answer to our call for redress of our complaints. No longer will targets suffer in silence. The gloves are off.

[Submitted to Targeted Justice for anonymous publishing. Targeted Justice allows our members to express their opinions.  This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Targeted Justice or its Board of Directors.]