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Court Cases

201 cases that involve Targeted Individuals, including gangstalking and Directed Energy Weapons.

You can research these cases at    scholar.google.com

Aby vs. Cambridge Health Alliance
Aby v. City of Cambridge
Akmal v. City of Kent
Athans v. Starbucks Coffee Co.
Ayres v. Obama
Bacardi Corporation of America v. Domenech
Banks – In Re Banks
Banks v. An Unknown Named Number of Federal Judges and U.S. Covert Government Agents
Banks v. Ben
Banks v. CIA 2013
Banks v. CIA 2014
Banks v. CIA 2016
Banks v. Corr. Corp. of Am.
Banks v. Dictorate, Science & Tech Ctr. (CIA), et al.
Banks v. Dictorate, Science & Technology Ctr.
Banks v. Hornak
Banks v. Jackson
Banks v. N.Y. Police Dept.
Banks v. New York Police Dept.
Banks v. NY Police
Banks v. NYPD
Banks v. Pivnichny
Banks v. Pope Francis
Banks v. Toe
Banks v. U.S. probation Dept. for the West. Dist Penn
Banks v. Unknown Named Number of U.S. Postal Inspectors, et al.
Barkhurst v. Clackamas City
Beverly v. Watson
Blue Mountain School District v. Snyder, et al.
Boyce v. Great W. Bank
Brodzki v. City of N. Richland Hills
Brodzki v. Clear Channel Communs.
Brodzki v. Ill. State Patrol
Brodzki v. Mont. State Patrol 2011.03.03
Brodzki v. Mont. State Patrol 2011.04.11
Brodzki v. Shannon
Brodzki v. Tarrant County DA
Brodzki v. Texas
Brodzki v. United States
Brodzki v. United States 2012.01.12 rev
Brodzki v. UPS
Brodzki v. Weiss
Brown – Younger v. Nevada
Brown – Younger v. U.S. Govt.
Brown v. Clark Cty Soc Servs
Brown v. Dillman
Brown v. FBI
Brown v. Nevada
Brown v. Parker
Brown v. Salvation Army
Brown v. United States DOJ
Brozzo v. U.S. Dept. of Education
Brozzo v. U.S. Dept. of Education 2016.09.09
Butters v. Herbert
Cain v. Atelier Esthetique Inst. of Esthetics, Inc.
Cain v. City of Ventura 2011.07.07
Cain v. City of Ventura 2011.09.21
Cain v. Obama
Cain v. St. Joseph Hospital
Campbell v. NSA
Carrasco v. U.S. Gov’t Justice Dep’t Strike Force
Caterbone v. National Security Agency
Caterbone v. NSA 2017.03.28
Caterbone v. U.S. President Donald Trump
Chambers v. Webster
Cheaton v. CIA
Christiana v. United States, et al.
Cooper v. N.C. State Bd. of Elections
Cortina v. United States
Cortina v. United States
Cossio v. Castro
Crawford v. AT&T
Edmond v. United States
Edye v. Robertson
Ehlers v. CIA
Ezike v. Na. R.R. Passenger Corp.
Fischer v. United States
Foggy v. United States Gov’t.
Foster v. Duval
Frederick Banks Fed. Reg. # 05711-068 v. C.I.A.
Frederick Banks v. Dir. Off of Sci. & Tech, Behavioral Modification Unit
Frederick Banks v. McCafferty
Frederick Banks v. NYPD
Frederick Banks v. Orlando
Frost v. Vasan
Gamache v. FBI
Gamache v. United States Fed. Govt.
Gamache v. Unknown
Gamache v. Various Unknown Individuals Employing Mind Altering Devices
Gardenshire v, Fishman 2018.02.15
Gibson v. NSA
Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. &mom
Gomez v. Fresno Police Dept.
Gomez v. Los Angeles DOJ
Grady v. United States DOD
Hairston v. Cheney
Hale v. FCC
Hale v. Towaliga District Attorneys Office, et al.
Halpern v. FBI
Hammock v. NASA et al.
Hauenstein v. Lynham
Hull v. Free Masons
Hundall v. U. Texas El Paso
Hundall v. U. Texas El Paso
Il Sun Jung v. Bloomberg
In re Richard P.
Jacobo-Melendres v. Sessions
Jenkins v. Temmessee
Jones v. North Atlantic Treaty Org
Jordon v. Tashiro
Jung v. Panetta
Kaminsky v. NSAA
Kevork In Re Kevork
Kinney v. Atlanta Police (In re)
Kolovrat v. Oregon
Krlich v. City of Hubbard et al.
Labella v. FBI 2008.05.08
Labella v. FBI 2009.10.05
Labella v. FBI 2012.02.09
Labella v. FBI 2012.02.09ver
Labella v. FBI 2012.03.19
Lampon-Paz  v. Unknown Party
Larson v. Ethier
Lasar v. FBI
Latronica v. Halfhill
Lear v. Seattle Hous. Auth
Marchand v. Simonson
Marshall v. Green
Marshall v. Simpsom
Mayfield v. United States
McCorkle v. Ameritech
McGinnis v. Freudentha
McMahon v. Johnson
McMahon v. Johnson
Mendes v. United States
Meserve v. United States DOJ
Mettlen v. Kaste
Mimms v. Becerra
Mira v. Kingston, et al. 2017
Mira v. Media et al
Mitchel v. City of Elgin
Mitchel v. United States
Mitchell v. United States
Mohamed v. Holder 2011
Mohamed v. Holder 2014
Mohamed v. Holder 2015
Moore v. Delaware
Nace v. Pennridge Sch. Dist.
Nat’l Sec. Counselors v. CIA
Nazer v. FBI
Nazer v. United States
Oberuch v. Butler County Mental Health Bd.
Opheim v. Opheim
Pak v. Recio
Palacz v. Vill. of Harwood Heights
Price v. Equinox International/Vitasalus
Ransom v. Microsoft
Reid v. Mabus
Robinson v. Attorney General of U.S., et al.
Robinson v. Brannon
Roman v. CIA 2012.12.11
Roman v. CIA 2013.01.18
Roman v. NSA 2009.02.09
Roman v. NSA 2012.02.22
Schindler v. Macy’s Retail Holdings, Inc.
Shelden v. Dept of Justice
Shelden v. United States
Shelton v. Crookshank 2017.11.17
Shelton v. Crookshank 2018.01.24
Shibuya v. George Washington Univ.
T. Rowe Price Servs. v. Frederick Banks
Taggart v. Office of Insp Gen.
Tansey v. City of Keller
Tansey v. Salomone
Taylor v. Obama
Taylor v. Obama Admin
Taylor v. Obama Admin ver
Terry v. NSA
Tew v. FBI
Tew v. Federal Bureau of Investigation, et al.
Tew v. Yahoo, Inc.
Thompson v. DS Water
Toro v. City of New York
United States v. Banks
United States v. Blagojevich
United States v. Mailloux
United States v. Reynolds
United States v. Richards
United States v. Williamson
United States v. Williamson
Walbert v. Wichita Police Dep’t
Watkins v. United States Postal Service 2017.09.01
Watkins v. United States Postal Service 2017.10.12
Watterson vs. Aro
Weinstein v. CIA
White v. Department of Defense 2012 (FOIA)
White v. Department of Defense, et al. 2009 (FOIA)
White v. Regents of the University of California, et al. 1998
White v. Regents of the University of California, et al. 1998
Wilson v. NSA
Yang v. DEA

Court rules that use of electronic weapon is a violation of 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.

International Courts & Tribunals

·  International court and tribunal judges‎ (23 C, 1 P)
International court and tribunal prosecutors‎ (9 C)
·  International administrative tribunals‎ (3 P)
International arbitration courts and tribunals‎ (1 C, 14 P)
·  Caribbean Court of Justice‎ (1 C, 1 P)
·  ·  People convicted by international courts and tribunals‎ (9 C)
Court of Justice of the European Union‎ (3 C, 13 P)

·  Inter-American Court of Human Rights‎ (2 C, 2 P)
·  ·  International Court of Justice‎ (4 C, 16 P)
·  ·  International Criminal Court‎ (7 C, 29 P)
·  ·  International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda‎ (3 C, 3 P)
·  ·  International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia‎ (4 C, 6 P)
·  ·  International Military Tribunal for the Far East‎ (3 C, 10 P)
·  ·  International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg‎ (4 C, 9 P)
International supreme courts‎ (3 C, 8 P)

·  Special Court for Sierra Leone‎ (4 C, 6 P)
Special Tribunal for Lebanon‎ (2 C, 1 P)





Targeted Justice is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  Please consult an attorney for legal advice.